Our Brigadeiros
Are Handcrafted
With Love.

All of our Brigadeiros are made to order with only the highest quality ingredients, by hand, every step of the way with lots of Love! Each batch is hand-stirred and monitored under watchful eyes making it unique. As they say good food takes time and this is no different.


Our brigadeiros are more
than just chocolates
they are sensations –
experiences, from our
family to yours.

About Us

Our “WHY”?

Chocollata was first established in 2015, making it one of the first companies to introduce Gourmet Brigadeiros in Toronto.


We are a family, who loves Brigadeiros and we longed for treats from our roots, Brazil, but had a hard time finding anything like them in our hometown Toronto. So we starting making our own.


For those of you, who don’t yet know what brigadeiros are, the best way to present them would be that they are a cross between a chocolate truffle, caramel and fudge. But they are neither… They don’t have the density of the truffle, but they are made with Belgian or French chocolates. They have the consistency of a caramel without being sticky, and depending on the flavour they push more towards the texture of a fudge.


Our craving flowed onto friends and our Toronto Family, anytime we would get together, it was mandatory OUR Brigadeiros were present.


So here we are a few years later sharing our childhood, our family birthday, our Christmas, just because, we believe everyone deserves a great dessert.

In 2017 our “WHY” changed. Our goal now is to hire people with Down Syndrome and support Down Syndrome organizations as much as we can, a cause that is very dear and close to our hearts.


With every sweet delight purchased, you’re not only helping our family and our small business, but more importantly you’re helping a local Down Syndrome Community.


In July 2018, we opened the first ever Brigadeiro store in Toronto, and we hope that our customers can experience moments of happiness granted by the smell, beauty and flavour of our Brigadeiros.

Our Locations

Upper Beaches

986A Kingston Rd,
Toronto, ON M4E 1S9

August – September:

Sunday: 11am-5pm
Mon –  Tue: CLOSED
Wed – Sat: 11am-7pm


Phone: 416.693.2448

The Food District at Square One

100 City Centre Dr,
Mississauga, ON L5B 2C9

Mon – Fri: 10am-9pm

Saturday: 9:30am-9pm

Sunday: 11am–7pm


Phone: 905.232.2090

Email: contact@chocollata.com

Bringing to you a little bit of our culture.

100% Brazilian and truly delicious, Chocollata is a family-owned company that’s proud to be the first ever Brigadeiro store in Toronto.